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Propel yourself into the big screen by becoming the next stuntman - on our giant airbag

Cheer to be heard, stunt to be seen 

Remake your favourite movie and become your own action hero. 

The huge airbag provides a safe landing platform cushioned by pockets of air and is the perfect place to perform and perfect your tricks from it's triple entry launch areas.

So get in front of the camera and try a twist, vault or volley like the professionals Or you could just throw yourself at it and become a real stunt double.

The airbag will be there to catch your every fall and you can re-shoot as many times as you like. 

Airbag Rules:

  • Never dive head first into the airbag.
  • Do NOT enter if others are in the way.
  • SAFELY land on your bum or back.
  • Do NOT hide yourself in the airbag as others may jump on you without knowing.
  • Remove ALL items from pockets.
  • Exit the airbag as QUICKLY as you can onto the exit platform.
  • NEVER double flip.

Your safety is our number 1 priority.


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