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Dodge, Dip, Duck, Dive and Dodge. The 5 fundamentals of Dodgeball! Have you got the skills and the team to top our Dodgeball league?

Dodgeball Club

Are you a Team Player? If so, Time to meet your MAKER!! Dodgeball Club is for those of you that wish to learn the art of Dodgeball. Dive, Duck, Dip, Dodge your way to success. 

This class will offer you;

  • A chance to meet/make new friends
  • Assist in building confidence
  • Increase YOUR fitness levels
  • Improve YOUR felxibility
  • Improve hand/eye coordination

And most importantly, the fun element!!

Price: £40pp for an 8-week Not available to book online - please call us on 01506 537 966

Dodgeball at Jumpstations!

Challenge yourself - Have you and your friends got what it takes? Form a team of 8 players and prepare to dogde, dip, duck and dive as you eliminate the competition. Call us to book your place, there is no long-term commitment. Whilst you are not playing, you will have access to the rest of the park.

Maximum of 8 players per team.

NO head shots.

The court marshal's word is final.

The Rules

Split into 2 even groups each side of the centre-line. During the opening rush (when the game starts), you may only grab the balls from the centre-line.

You are out if:

  1. You step on or over a side-line or centre-line
  2. A thrown live ball hits your body.
  3. You throw a live ball and it is caught by an opponent.
  4. You hit an opponent in the head with a ball

A thrown live ball can only hit out 1 player. Thrown balls that hit the ground, the wall, other balls or other objects before hitting the opponent are considered dead balls. You may block a thrown ball with a held ball. However, if you drop the blocking ball during the act of blocking, or if you fail to make a clean block so the thrown ball still deflects off you, you are out.

If you are out, exit the bouncing area and line up on the side to form a resurrection line. If a playing teammate catches a ball the player at the start of your team's ressurection line comes back into play after touching the wall (you must be in the line at the time of the catch to be eligible to be brought back in). You can only hold a ball for 10 seconds, afterwards, it will be considered dead. Dead balls need to be rolled over immediately to the other team.

If the game end up with 1 player per side, each player has 10 seconds to hit the other out; if not, "showdown" comes into effect. The game is paused, each player gets two balls, two balls are lined up at the ends of the centre-line and the centre-line is dissolved. The first player to get the other player out wins.

Have Fun, Shake Hands, Make Friends and be a good winner and a good loser!!

Your safety is our number 1 priority


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