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Jumpstations, an IATP's approved venue, is also now one of the first Trampoline Parks in Scotland to have been independently audited and have achieved compliance with the BSi PAS 5000 safety standard.  This new standard was developed by the IATP and had input from British Gymnastics and RoSPA.   We pride ourselves as being a leading venue in terms of safety and innovations in the Trampoline Park industry.

Safety is our utmost concern which is why we chose a British supplier with all British made products as they are amongst the greatest and safest in the world. The construction of our trampolines has been ensured to deliver maximum safety to all users.

There are a strict set of rules in place to ensure that the most fun is had by all in the safest way possible. All staff are trained in how to supervise the trampolines in the most effective way and how to challenge those who are not following by the rules.

Unfortunately, from time to time accidents will happen as trampolining is classed as an "extreme sport". This can be due to people landing awkwardly or tripping over, as well as any number of medical emergencies. However, when the worst does happen our staff are fully equipped and trained to deal with this.

  • Park Rules

    Safety Rules

    1. We recommend jumpers with heart, back or neck conditions or weak limbs caused by previous fractures should seek medical advice before participating.
    2. Pregnant women or people with health concerns are advised not to jump.
    3. Every person jumping must have read and completed a JumpStation risk acknowledgement & disclaimer before using the park. Under 16s must have a parental signature on their waiver form.
    4. The maximum weight limit is 18stone/114kg.
    5. Always land on two feet and never jump or land on any of the padding, never land on your head.
    6. If you are falling out of control try to bring your arms, legs and head into a ball position.
    7. Double bouncing is strictly forbidden (no more than one person on a bed at any given time).
    8. NO sitting or lying anywhere on the trampoline courts or pads.
    9. NO throwing balls, toys, or any other objects on the trampoline courts (excludes dodgeball area).
    10. NO touching, climbing, leaning or hanging on any of the netting including the basketball hoops, running, racing, rough play, tackling, shoving or playing tag.
    11. Look out for other jumpers and give way to the smaller ones.
    12. Trampoline jumping is an extreme sport, play at your own risk.
    13. Jump within your own ability.
    14. NO belt buckles or studs on clothing. Please remove all loose change, keys, keychains, sharp or pointed objects from pockets before your session.
    15. Under no circumstances are people under the influence of alcohol or drugs allowed to use the park.
    16. Jumpers under the age of 12 must be supervised at all times by a parent or responsible adult guardian.
    17. NO ONE younger than six years of age allowed on the main trampoline courts or the dodgeball courts, unless it is during a junior jump only. 
    18. All jumpers must attend a safety briefing prior to accessing the equipment.

    General Park Rules

    1. Do not operate mobile phones, cameras or similar equipment on the trampolines on the trampolines, these must be left out of the jumping zone.
    2. NO shoes on the trampoline courts. JumpStation socks must be worn at all times.
    3. NO food or drink (including gum) is permitted on the trampolines or platforms.
    4. NO outside drinks or food permitted. This excludes party food.
    5. Jumpers must wear a valid coloured JumpStations wristband at all times during the session.
    6. JumpStation Ltd is not responsible for lost or stolen items.
    7. All visitors must read and understand the safety rules, if in doubt please consult one of our squad.
    8. We will not accept offensive language or abusive behaviour anywhere on the premises.
    9. Offenders will be asked to leave and management have the right to ban customers from returning.
    10. Our Squad's word is final on any inappropriate behaviour or bouncing.
  • Waiver

    Every person jumping must have read and completed a Jumpstation waiver before using the park. During your online booking proccess you will be asked to complete our waiver form and this will save time on the day. 

    To view each waiver please click on the links:

    Under 16's waiver

    Over 16's waiver

  • FAQs

    Do I need to book ahead of time?

    It is always advisable to book ahead of jump time to avoid disappointmenbt (and its cheaper!)  Especially on holidays and weekends as we do book up fast.

    Birthday Parties, Group bookings and other special events need to be booked ahead of time.

    Do I need a waiver/disclaimer?
    Yes, Waivers are 100% compulsory.

    How can I complete a waiver/ disclaimer?

    Every person jumping must have read and completed a Jumpstation waiver before using the park. During your online booking proccess you will be asked to complete our waiver form and this will save time on the day. 

    To view each waiver please click on the links:

    Under 16's waiver

    Over 16's waiver

    Do I need socks?
    For your own safety, all jumpers must wear a pair of Jumpstations socks. These are yours for £2 and you can bring them for all return visits

    Can I wear socks bought from elsewhere if they have grip? 

    No the socks we provide have been tested on our equipment and we cannot guarantee other parks socks are fit for purpose with our park equipment. Many manufacturers in uk configure socks differently which are fit for purpose of particular parks. 

    Can I bring my own snacks?
    We do not allow outside food in the park with the exception of special circumstances during parties. We have a great range of food and drink provided in the café area with some comfortable seating to relax and enjoy.

    Is there a place to leave my belongings while I jump?
    Returnable £1 coin operated lockers are provided on site.

    Is there a weight limit?
    The maximum weight is 18 stone/114kg.

    Is there an age limit?

    There is no upper age limit.

    Children aged 5 years plus can jump without an adult jumping alongside them.

    Children aged 4 years and under can jump anytime provided there is an adult jumping with them and parents/guardians must sign a waiver to acknowledge that they are there to supervise them especially during busy times. However we do recommend Under 5's coming during tots time;

    Tots Time is from 12-3pm Monday to Thursday (during term time), 10am-12pm Monday to Thursday (during school holidays) and 9-11am every Saturday & Sunday

    ***PLEASE NOTE*** Tots time is not exclusive, and we cannot guarantee there will not be children of other ages jumping, however from experience it is a lot quieter. There is a maximum of 2 tots (4 years or under) with one adult. 

    How early do I need to arrive?
    We would advise arriving 20 minutes prior to your bounce to check in, put on your jump socks and attend your safety briefing.

    What should I wear?
    Whatever you feel comfortable in! we would suggest loose clothing due to working up a real sweat and removal of any jewellery.

    What is your returns policy?
    We do not offer refunds on any booking made.

    Can I watch my kids jump?
    We strongly encourage parents to get involved and purchase a jump ticket however there is seating all around the centre to allow for safe viewing.

    Do carers go free? 

    Carers are allowed up on the trampolines FREE in order to assist jumpers who may have mental or physical disabilities. We do however require you to wear our special grip socks, you can purchase at £2 a pair, they are yours to keep and reuse.

    When in the park as a carer we would require your full attention to be with the person in your care, as our staff are not qualified as carers. As a non paying carer your access to the trampolines is for assistance only and not to utilise the facilities unless to aid the jumper.

  • Safety Video

    Before the start of each session participants are required to watch our safety briefing video which teaches them about the park rules, how to control their bounce and how to jump safely amongst others. All who are participating MUST watch and properly understand the Safety Video and Rules.

  • Why Trampoline

    • Exercise in disguise while having fun!
    • It is said that a 1 hour trampoline session can burn up to 1000 calories and offer tremendous health benefits and caters for those looking to keep fit.
    • 10 minutes on a trampoline burns as many calories as 30 minutes jogging and it reduces the impact on your limbs by 80% while making them stronger. What more persuasion could you need?!
    • Having a jump is a low impact activity that provides you with high impact results. Your core is constantly being worked as you move around and adjust your balance.
    • It’s great for your heart. A regular jump will encourage your heart to get stronger. This in turn will mean that your resting heart can pump more blood with less beats.
    • Being an Aerobic exercise, your circulation is greatly improved. As you jump, muscles such as the calf contract, helping the heart push greater quantities of blood-enriched oxygen around the body.
    • Trampolines can reduce cellulite. Jumping increases your metabolism, allowing you to process nutrients more effectively.
    • Jumping on a trampoline will reduce stress hormones in the body. The added bonus is the release of endorphins. These are your bodies ‘feel good’ chemicals, so you’ll happily come back for more jumping!
    • We found the cure to growing older! Well, we’ve slowed it down a bit at least. Jumping works in unison with your body’s natural detox system, better known as the lymphatic system. This is responsible for removing dead cells and toxins. While jumping, the valves in the lymphatic system open and close at an increased rate, giving your body a thorough detox!
    • Increase endurance.
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